Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes Google is not our Friend.

So last night I was laughing and had some pretty extreme pain in my lower abdominal area. It is still fairly sore this morning when I move around or press in that region. As someone who has had a miscarriage before; of course, I am terrified. No spotting or bleeding, but terrified just the same. Oh and also I am a lunatic.

What would a lunatic do when faced with this situation? Of course they would start clickity clacking on the keyboard to see what Dr Google has to say. Well now, I am worried that Dr Google has diagnosed me with an ectopic pregnancy. Could also be round ligament pain but never mind that!

Goodness gracious! Sometimes I think we were better off when we did not have so much information readily available to us. Less to worry about until we had to worry about it-if that makes sense.

So I am going to pray a lot, try and remain calm, and call the Dr's office when they open in a few hours.


  1. Stay calm and call the Dr. They can check for you and make sure everything is going the best it can. I am not a Dr and I can't diagnose anything possible - its best to let specialists I trust handle it. Praying for you and best wishes.

  2. STAY OFF OF GOOGLE! I heard that's the worst thing to do! I too, am a fan of google though and don't practice what I preach :) I know just enough to be VERY dangerous! lol

    fingers xxxd for you