Friday, November 19, 2010

I Will Not do It!

So, right from the very beginning I told my self that I absolutely would not take a home pregnancy test. We had to do the HCG booster shots and I am certain that a false positive only to find out we are not pregnant would be too much to take.

I have to be honest, the wait is really starting to get to me. I still have in my possession a Costco type arsenal of home pregnancy tests in my bathroom. Yesterday, I could feel my will wavering as I approached the bathroom. I even took a test out and started to open it up. It would have been so easy! Alas, reason prevailed and I put the package back in the cabinet.

Am I like an addict? Why do I still have pregnancy tests there-screaming my name? Am I glutton for punishment? Am I overly dramatic-yes on that count!! We went to dinner with my family last night and they have threatened to confiscate the contraband if I do not behave.

There was a woman leaving the Dr's office this morning crying. It was so sad, I don't know her story at all but it really touched me. We all have similar, yet different stories; but the pain is the same.

Here is where things stand, blood work this morning and blood work on Monday. They should have the results Monday afternoon and I will know one way or another. My resolve is strong! I will not POAS this weekend, I will not POAS this weekend!!

I will keep my thoughts positive and just keep visualizing that little baby or two that hopefully will be home with us this time next year.....


  1. Oh good heavens, dear woman!

    If you are in the 2ww you should stay the HELL OFF MY BLOG!!!

    Or, perhaps you have been there and it has given you a deep seated fear of POAS....

    It will be a long, long weekend. My heart is with you.

    Make one for the senior team, ok? I want to see you pregnant and then with a healthy baby.

  2. I hope I have the strength to hold on as well, I may not! I like that our betas are Monday-hopefully it'll be good luck for both of us. I am just nervous. This has been one insane ride to be sure.

  3. I can't believe you had your first beta draw and you haven't POASed yet. You have such resolve! I swear Conceptions is the only clinic out there that holds out on results til the second beta. And for me, they called almost at the end of their work day. I hope it's happy news on Monday!