Monday, November 8, 2010

Are Fertility Reports Always This Exciting?

This is what I found on our bulletin board when I got home from my egg retrieval yesterday. My husband left the sweetest note and it actually made me cry. He has been amazing throughout this entire ordeal.

When we left the Conceptions office yesterday they told us that they would call us at some point today to let us know where we were with the embryos. Some just would not make it.

The majority of my soreness was gone by this morning. So I decided to give going to work a whirl. I figured I am going to have to miss time at the end of the week and IVF generally is hard on a work schedule. I am very lucky though. I have been with my employer for 17 years and they are working with whatever I need to make this happen. One less thing to worry about!!

My phone rang on the way to work and my heart dropped to see that it was the Dr's office calling already. I was sure they were going to tell my "Sorry-your eggs are all expired. Better luck next time." Great news-all 6 eggs were mature and 5 of them have fertilized. They told me that everything looks good and they would call again tomorrow with another report.

I was so excited, you would think that I just won the powerball. The best case scenario I had put in my head was maybe half on the first day. I have never been through this before but I think this is a really great sign. My wish throughout this whole process was that first and foremost there would be embryos to implant on day 5 and that there might be a few left to freeze as a backup plan.

So right now, I am very happy. Trying very hard to remain calm and not get to carried away. It is a long time until Friday and we just have to ride this out.


  1. Thinking happy, growing embryo thoughts in your direction :) Keep us posted!

  2. awe - so amazing! FX for you!!!
    Team #hope

  3. One more day! I hope you have some lovely day 5 blasts to greet you in the morning!

  4. I've recently been following another blogger's journey through IVF. I've had a few friends that have been through it, but that's really as close as I've ever been. I hope it all works out for you and that your dream comes true!