Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling Calm.....

Okay, so it has been a few days since my freak out about the Dr's office. I have noticed that going through this whole IVF process has a tendency to put me on edge at times. Sorry, friends, relatives, and strangers that meet me on the street!

Things are actually looking pretty good right now. According to my ultrasound this morning we have 11 follicles to work with right now. Just two days ago it looked to be only 7. My acupuncturist told me the other day to really go to town with my water consumption to try and plump those eggs up! Depending on how my blood work comes back today we will either do the egg retrieval on Saturday or Sunday. Originally, the earliest it was supposed to be was on Tuesday.

I am actually pretty excited right now. Bill and I both have a really good feeling about IVF.

Either today or tomorrow we say goodbye to Bravelle, Menopur , and Ganerelix and hello to our trigger shot!

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