Monday, January 30, 2012

Need Prayers for Our Little Man

So we take our little man into the hospital this morning for minor surgery.

I have known since he was two weeks old that we were going to need to do this.  I have been a wreck all weekend and now it is here.  They called last week to go over the surgery and ask all the does he have this, and is he allergic to that.  The whole time I was thinking he is so little, how could we know if he has any of those issues?  By the end of the call, I think I had the nurse almost crying with me. 

Just finished up his last feeding before the surgery, he can have one more bottle of water and then that is it.  His surgery is not until 10:30.  He is going to be hungry and won't understand why we aren't feeding him.  It breaks my heart that he might be scared and I won't be able to be there with him.  We are going to bring his favorite blankie and animal to try and make him feel as comfortable as possible. 

Need lots of prayers that everything turns out exactly the way that it is supposed to and we can get our little man back home today.