Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Blow Me Away 2012

2012 definitely is one roller coaster of a year.  Bill and I are still in an adjustment period with these two amazing people we have been blessed with.  I suspect it will always feel like we are learning.  I am accepting that that is okay. 

I continue to struggle with working and raising babies, and everything that entails.  Again, I suspect that too will be an ongoing process. 

We got some pretty amazing news yesterday though.  Our family business had been nominated for Best Small Business for the town that we live in.  I kept joking that since the business is just Bill and I; unless they were awarding for THE smallest business there was no way we would win. 

Well guess what, WE WON!  How awesome is that?  I definitely feel like that was a sign of some great times ahead for us in all areas and I am ready for it. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Apart

I would always here the phrase and think it was the stupidest thing that I ever heard. How do people grow apart?

I think it is quite easy in fact. Although many times it is hard to see, we are constantly changing. You look at a photograph from one year to the next and you many times can see huge changes that little by little day by day you never saw.

Changing, changing, changing. Our ages, our hair, our weight (mostly the wrong direction), our occupation, our interests, our personality even. When I think about the person I was 15 years ago, it is unrecognizable to the person I am today. I am still at my core that girl, but stronger. I have to be, there isn't just me but little babies that need to be taken care of.

Funny, when you hit a wall emotionally speaking. You get up, you shake yourself of, and all of a sudden you think to yourself how did I get here? Do I want to be here? Do I want to be somewhere else?

Deep down, I know that I want to be here and I am hopeful that my husband wants to be here with me too. We have definitely hit a rough patch as of late and writing has always been where I go to put it all together.

I am just going to keep praying that somehow, someway it works out and we find our way back to even ground where we can start fresh. Maybe, if you wouldn't mind you could say a prayer or two as well?