Saturday, November 19, 2011

Twins Must be Hard

We took the babies out last weekend to get family pictures taken.  They did pretty good by the way.  Poor Zach got a little hungry in the middle.  They were so nice about it!  They stopped, let us feed the babies and start back up about a half hour later.  He did not give us that million dollar smile though.  Turkey!  I should have pictures to post next week.

Every time we are out and about not one but many people will remark either that twins are hard or that I must be tired.  I want to be clear here, I really am not all that tired.  I don't know why people are always making negative comments like that.  It does get on my nerves.  Maybe, it's because I personally find life a lot more enjoyable if you approach it from a positive place. 

I look at Zach and Zoe as being every bit the blessing today as they were the day I found out about them.  I love these babies, I do. 

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  1. so true! i always follow up that comment with a... actually i don't really see them as work and they really are quite manageable.