Monday, November 14, 2011


I am moody today, but I really don't know why. 

We only have one car that the babies can go in.  My car.  My car is in the shop with a laundry list of issues.  Luckily it will be fixed today, or unluckily when you look at what they will be charging us to fix it. 

The car situation is a source of irritation for me though.  We are so lucky to have my Mom watching the babies.  However, the car situation it is hard.  My commute was long to begin with.  Now, with all the loading and unloading and driving to my Mom's and then driving to work and then repeat again at night.. It's difficult.  I really wish my husband and I could share this a little.   It feels like I am just driving and working and driving some more.  The babies are cranky if they are not in bed by 6:30 so it doesn't even feel like I get to spend any time with them at all during the week.   

We talk about the car situation all the time, but another family car is not going to be possible for 5 years.  I think I am just feeling overwhelmed by a lot of things today but it is the car thing that has got my focus.  I know that this is a non issue.  The world is full of real problems and this is just not one of them.  

I know what a Waaahnie Butt! 

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