Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Stronger...Living Longer...

It is time to get serious about losing this baby weight. Really considering that I had twins I didn't gain all that much. However, considering I had to do fertility treatments first, I am much heavier than I want to be. I need to drop about 50 lbs to be where I want to be.

Today, it starts. I am off to kickboxing class in an hour and I am pumped. I haven't been since before my miscarriage. I always loved going to class so much. I know that I will be sore this afternoon but it will be a good sore. At least, that is what I will tell myself. I am trying to go to the gym every morning before work and am planning on trying to work in a Zumba class on Weds. nights as well. We will see if the babies will cooperate enough not to kill my husband.

I figure having to write about my journey in the blog will help keep me honest. I will post an update every Saturday morning whether I made all my workouts, how its going, and how much weight I have gained or lost. I will not however be posting my actual weight that would be horrifying:-D

Have a great weekend!

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