Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Need All my Strength......

Tomorrow is the big day.

Zoe and Zachary have their 8 week appointment. Yes, this is the one where they both will get their first shots. I have been nervous about it for weeks and now it is here. I have been contemplating making a run for it. Mexico or Canada....either will do. I am fairly certain that I will cry more than they do.

On the other hand, happily I am in awe of these babies. It is astounding to me how quickly they are growing and changing. Zoe is starting to chatter a little and we have discovered that Zach has the biggest smile of any toothless person we have ever known. They are the most amazing babies on the planet ,of course and my favorite pastime is just sitting in my chair watching them.

I love to put them in their bouncy chairs and watch them play with their toys. Their attention span is all of two minutes currently but that is plenty for all of us. Neither of them has completely accepted their swing as a pastime that they enjoy but I have high hopes for the future!

Hoping that tomorrow is not nearly as traumatic as I think it will be. Wish us all luck......

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  1. Good luck. No doubt it will be tough... probably tougher on you than on them....