Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Okay, that wasn't so bad....

Okay, I made a bigger thing out of the shots than I needed to.

We went in for our appointment, the babies are growing great! Zach is almost 11 lbs and Zoe is 10.5. When they brought in all the needles for the shots I was a little nervous. Bill went first with Zach. He cried from the first injection, and so did I. Quietly, but still I cried. Zoe and I were next. I was stronger for her, because she could see me. She is one tough chick. There were a total of 4 injections and she did not cry until the 3rd. The nurse and I were both impressed.

I thought the babies would both be miserable tonight. Surprisingly not, Zach has been sleeping all night. Zoe has been cranky but I suspect it is her tummy and not the injections at all.

First of many traumatic motherhood experiences, check.....

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