Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Frustrated!

I am still spotting, not as much, but still spotting. This of course has me very nervous and I am trying my best to remain positive.

Today, I finally called the Dr's office to see if we could move my ultrasound up to Thursday or Friday of this week instead of next Tuesday. I was just not looking forward to spending another weekend worrying about this.

They refused. Just flat out told me that they wouldn't do an ultrasound before 7 weeks. Basically, it might be too soon to hear or see the heartbeat and they wouldn't want me getting upset if I didn't need too. Valid point, I suppose. But another valid point; I am upset now!

Oyy! So whether I like it or not I have to wait an entire week to find out if everything is okay or not. So I will take a deep breath, say a big prayer, and keep hoping for the best!


  1. Praying for you - hang in there and take it easy!

  2. Only one week! You can do it sister!

  3. Geesh... that is frustrating! I have no idea what I'm talking about but it sounds like 'so far so good'... you're still spotting (which can be normal) but not bleeding. I know you've experienced a loss before so I'm hoping and praying the spotting you are experiencing is the 'norm of pregnancy'!

  4. Hope you're hanging in there! I spotted brown for days, and everything worked out. I've never had a mc though, so it was easier for me to look past. I hope you see a strong little heart flickering on the monitor next week!