Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 Weeks Pregnant-A Miracle

Today we are 8 weeks pregnant; and I still feel like it is an absolute miracle. The spotting has completely stopped again . Actually kind of funny, as soon as we had the ultrasound and saw that everything was okay-spotting stopped. Fingers crossed, but I have a feeling that it will pop back up periodically just to keep me in line!

The last couple days have been kind of rough though. I just have sporadic nausea and headaches. Truthfully, I think that I have not adjusted my eating well enough yet and that is what is causing it. As soon as I eat, most times I start to feel much better.

We saw a nutritionist a few weeks back to try and make sure my eating is on track for the pregnancy. She said that for one baby you just eat 300 calories more so it really is a pretty insignificant change. She was pretty clear, no you are not eating for two! We go back to see her again the first week in January. I want to be sure that I am adjusting correctly for twins not over correcting. I need to be more careful than most when it comes to the eating. Let's face it, I am not what they would call petite to begin with!

Just excited right now and still a little nervous. Miscarriage is always in the back of mind, a little less this week, and hopefully even a little less than that next week...

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  1. With every passing week you will begin to relax and push those fears to the back of your mind. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Enjoy every moment. 'Advanced maternal age' pffft!!

    LS x