Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Don't You Just Adopt?

Sounds so simple when people say it. I absolutely have nothing against adoption and we are looking into this is well. It isn't quite as easy as people make it sound though.

A few weeks back, Bill and I went to an information meeting for a place here in Denver called The Adoption Exchange. These are some wonderful people doing amazing work. The meeting was an eye opener for sure. For example, to apopt an infant is about a 2 year wait and a cost of $30,000. Here is the catch though-half of adoptive mothers change their mind. You would think your 30 grand would be put towards another child. Nope. You would have to pay it all over again if the mother changes her mind. It is one thing to pay that money and end up with a baby it is completely another to pay it and have an empty nursery. I thought miscarriage was heartbreaking but this-wow!

Another thing to consider many of the private adoption agencies will not allow you to start the lengthy adoption process if you are undergoing fertility treatments. This being said we have decided to pursue fertility treatments and put adoption on hold for now. I think if we were to adopt I believe we would adopt an older child out of the foster care system. These are the types of kids that The Adoption Exchange focuses on. I know that there are so many great kids out there who the world so far has not been great to.

It sure would be something to make one of those kids part of our family. A lot of work for sure but a lot of reward as well- I think.

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