Friday, October 29, 2010

Walk Slowly and Carry a Big Needle.

So I guess I got a little carried away the other day. After I worried about it all day long, the Doctors office called and told me we would be good to start the injections as they were originally scheduled. The cyst was nothing. Thankfully, I could then get back to worrying about the shots themselves!

We have scheduled all my medication for 9 pm so that we can be sure that we will not miss a dose because one of us has to work late. Right on schedule Bill came upstairs to get me for our injections. We took all of the boxes out of the fridge, laid out the syringes, the needles, and just kind of stared at the pile for a minute. It is a little overwhelming to look at medication that you would normally see in a Dr's office or a hospital and know that you are doing this. I know we were both a little scared. We decided to take all of our paraphernalia upstairs and watch the instructional video one more time before starting.

Then it was go time! Bill loaded up the syringes; which in itself is a bit of a science! He looked slightly terrified as he got ready to inject me with the needle. He was so worried that he would hurt me. He actually had to try three times because he just wasn't using enough force and the needle was just bouncing off of my stomach. On the fourth try he was golden, and it didn't even hurt as I was sure it would. Bill has a bit of a medical phobia so the fact that he is mixing medication in a syringe and injecting me with a needle is unbelievable. It must be terribly difficult for him but he is pushing through it for our dream.

I have to be honest I felt a twinge of sadness as I was looking at all of that medication laid out. I wish so much that we would have been able to get pregnant and stay pregnant on our own without all of these extra measures. On the other hand, we are very lucky. Most people in our situation would have to pay $30000 out of pocket to do this and my insurance is covering it for us. I have no right to complain about anything and I know it.

They have told us to continue with 3 vials each of Bravelle and Menopur until Sunday. After my ultrasound and blood work they will give us additional instructions. I am determined to keep my thoughts positive.

We are well on our way, no looking back now.

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