Monday, December 19, 2011

When did Faith Become a Four Letter Word?

I, by no stretch of the imagination am a model Catholic girl.  I can't remember the last time I went to church.  I think about going a lot, but that probably doesn't count. 

Tim Tebow.  Can someone explain this to me?  From what I can see, he appears to be religious, apparently always has been, and lives his life accordingly.  Why, does this inspire such ridicule? 

I think we have all heard news stories about athletes involved in drugs, crime, domestic violence, etc.  Barely, a peep about these folks.  For some reason, it is absolutely ridiculous to have a football player praying and thanking a greater power.  Really?  Personally, I think in this day and age it ought to be appreciated to have an athlete that is actually a good role model for kids. 

I don't even really watch football anymore but this really bothers me.  Leave this guy alone, let him play the game he loves, and live his life the way he sees fit. 


  1. i agree. because someone openly prays before/after and during games they treat him like a witch. might as well burn him at the stake. it's a shame... :\